Brits praise catch-up TV as Freeview turns 10

My, hasn't it grown?

Freeview has hit double figures: today marks ten years since the terrestrial digital TV service launched.

To mark the occasion, Freeview commissioned some research that suggests that Brits favour catch-up services as the most important technological TV development of the decade.

On-demand viewing took 36 per cent of the 2,000 respondents' votes, while mass access to free digital channels (like, say, Freeview) was chosen by only 10 per cent.


Still, it did better than 3D TV which 5 per cent of people reckon was most important of all of TV's advancements over the past decade, while mobile TV – which is just starting to take off – was chosen by just 4 per cent.

Of course, the thoughts and feelings of just 2,000 people aren't really representative of the entire country but it's an interesting insight nonetheless.

The poll also revealed that a lot of people like Downton Abbey and The Inbetweeners, voted the top two 'Best TV shows launched in the last 10 years', with Sherlock a close third.


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