Panasonic 3D Blu-ray authoring centre now open

Process, burn and certify discs

Panasonic has taken the veils off its 3D authoring centre, bringing the facility up to scratch with the Blu-ray Disc Association's recent specification agreement on 3D Blu-ray.

Although the facility was announced back in February 2009, it has now brought itself up to the BDA's standards and opened its doors for the masses.

A number of upgrades are said to have taken place, with Panasonic hoping its 3D authoring centre will be the best in the business – offering up a place where filmmakers image processing, authoring and disc certification, all under one roof.

Most compelling experience

Speaking about the 3D's ultimate house of love, Jeannine Patton, Vice President & General Manager of the Advanced Authoring Center, said: "Given Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory's vast experience with HD image processing, we are confident that we lead the industry with MPEG4 MVC (Multiview Video Coding) 3D image compression technology."

To put in simple terms, this essentially means that when it comes to 3D, Panasonic believes it rocks.

"Blu-ray 3D is an exciting new space for the home entertainment industry and our early research and collaboration was extremely helpful in determining what will provide the most compelling experience and optimum performance when designing for Blu-ray 3D," Patton also noted.

The laboratory is situated in Hollywood (where else?) and hopes to be rolling out 3D-Ready discs for the commercial masses in spring.



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