Mr. Robot season 2 trailer is here, and we can't look away

Get ready for a thriller

Hands up if you're on pins waiting for the second season of Mr. Robot?

If you're not, or not yet into the excellent hacker thriller, watch the trailer for the new season, which just dropped today.

The new season picks up after the underground fsociety hacked the multi-national Evil Corp, exploring the fallout of the breach. As if that wasn't high-stakes enough, it also plans to tackle the illusion of control. No biggie.

The season 2 trailer begins with a haunting opening query by fsociety's leader, played by Christian Slater, asking Elliot Alderson (Rami Malek), "Do you remember the night of the hack?" It then spirals into a frenzied whirl of fsociety masks, new characters and a harrowing climax.

Even President Barack Obama makes a cameo, addressing the nation post-hack and the FBI's efforts to apprehend the perpetrators.

Mr. Robot premieres on July 13. Check out the gripping trailer below.


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