Seagate launches 'world's slimmest' external hard drive

GoFlex Slim is barely even there

Seagate has unveiled its latest external hard drive in the form of the GoFlex Slim, purportedly the slimmest of its kind.

It comes in at 9mm slim – that's 0.2mm thicker than an iPad 2 and roughly about the width of a pencil, apparently.

But within that slinky frame, the GoFlex Slim packs in a 7200RPM drive, USB 3.0 ports for super-fast file transfer and 320GB of storage space.

Drive hard

The hard drive will also come bundled with back-up software for automatic and continuous back-ups, and file and folder encryption. Safety first!

Compatible with both Windows and Mac, the Seagate GoFlex Slim comes with a price tag of around £80.

Given that they perform an essential chore, it's really a shame that external hard drives don't exactly light a fire of passion in our souls – even a super slinky dinky little one like the GoFlex Slim.



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