Samsung Galaxy S8 shown off in another video

And photos too

Samsung managed to keep the design of the Galaxy S8 under wraps for a while, but everything leaks eventually, and now there’s seemingly no end to the pictures and videos showing off the company’s upcoming flagship, including a new video today, which briefly shows the Samsung Galaxy S8 from the front and back.

The video, shared by Slashleaks, is just five seconds long, but it gives you a good look at the phone, including the all-screen front with curved edges and no home button, the slim frame and the shiny glass back, complete with a fingerprint scanner next to the rear camera – believed to be 12MP, just as it is on the Samsung Galaxy S7.

In fact, the whole look of the Galaxy S8 doesn’t seem that different from the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, other than the absence of a home button, and with a possibly slightly curvier back.

There are new photos too

With the screen off and the whole phone being black it’s hard to make out too many details, but the same site also shared some shots of the S8, one of which gives us a look at the always-on screen, the iris scanner above the display, and one of the software keys below it.

You’ll also note that unlike the Samsung Galaxy S7 there’s no Samsung logo on the front, possibly in order to keep the bezels small.

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In the other shots you can see the camera on the rear, power and volume buttons on one edge, another button, likely used to launch Samsung's AI assistant, on the other, and headphone and USB-C ports on the bottom.

Of course, as with all leaks we’d recommend taking these with a helping of salt, but they match up with previous images and footage we’ve seen of the Samsung Galaxy S8, so we have no real reason to doubt them.

We also won’t have long to wait to see the Galaxy S8 in an official capacity, as Samsung is set to unveil the phone on March 29.

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