RAmos brings us Blue Magic, T8 style

It’s the touchscreen PMP you always wanted

Here’s the way it works in life: big company makes a device everyone loves, but is expensive. Then a billion other companies make the same thing (or may have already been doing so, but nobody noticed) and a few are commended as well-built, but never make the breakthrough.

The problem facing the Ramos Blue Magic T8 PMP is the striking similarity to the iPod Touch, and therefore being constantly tarred by the same brush.

Featuring a 4.3inch touchscreen and managing to stay only 10mm thick, it’s a rather nice piece of kit from a company that has been feeding on the edge of the PMP pool for too long.

Other specs are sparse: an FM tuner is all else revealed, which is surprising given the main challenge with large touch screens is conservation of battery life.

Anyway, keep that breath baited and who knows, this may be the smash hit of the summer! Or not. everyone will by the iPod Touch instead, while still meantioning how good the alternatives might be.



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