Toshiba's new portable DVD marvels

Rotating screens, DivX support, digital photo viewing - and even Freeview

At its UK press launch today Toshiba announced three new portable DVD players. Tosh says it has deliberately pitched the three players at different needs.

The 11.8-inch ‘flat panel’ SDP120DT (see right) delivers portable digital TV and radio via Freeview, has a three hour battery life, HDMI input and can display your digital photos from a memory card. Image detail and colour is greatly enhanced because of its IPS projection system, which also means the unit has a 170 degree viewing angle for family viewing.

The 7-inch SDP71 is pitched more as an entry-level ‘travelling companion’. It also has a three-hour battery life, while the SDP91 offers a pretty desirable five hour battery life and a 9-inch 180 degree rotating screen.

Each of the models shares core features including support for DVD, DVD-R/-RW, CD and CD-R/RW. DivX playback is present on all three models, with JPEG picture viewing, MP3 and WMA compatibility also supported as standard.