Jabra: voice recognition just isn't good enough

But it is working on a solution

Jabra unveiled its latest range of sports headphones this week, with the Jabra Sports series being released as both a wireless and wired version.

While there are a number of decent innovations within the headphones – they're waterproof, have a built-in FM radio transmitter and interaction with the Endomondo app – one thing you won't find is voice recognition.

"Voice recognition is something we are testing every single day," said Suzann Saverman, marketing director, Jabra, to TechRadar.

"The problem is that with the applications out at the moment they just aren't up to scratch. We are continually testing in our labs, though."

Voice recognition, coming 2012

Voice recognition is available on a number of apps at the moment but when using it while exercising a number of factors have to be considered.

One of these is the change in your voice due to exertion and tiredness, and Jabra isn't ready to commit to the technology until it has mastered it.

"Our experience is that we are not happy with what is out there," explained Saverman.

"But we will have something [with voice recognition] out by the middle of next year for sure."

The Jabra Sports range is out late September, early October and the wireless version will cost £99.99.


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