Best accessories for your DSLR

Graphics tablets

Wacom Intuos4 Medium Wireless - £280/$260

Essential camera accessories

This graphics tablet has the dual convenience of connecting wirelessly to a computer and charging through a USB port. In addition to its pen it comes equipped with eight customisable expressKeys and a scroll wheel, which enables it to access much of a computer's functionality. Bluetooth set-up is quick and the scroll wheel is useful. although the expressKeys can be a bit stiff, this is still a very user-friendly device.

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Film scanners

Plustek OpticFilm 7600i SE - £255/$270

Essential camera accessories

The OpticFilm 7600i SE scans both film negatives and slides, at a maximum resolution of 7,200dpi. It's bundled with a holder for each format, as well as silverFast se plus scanning software, and it's small enough to be kept on a desk at all times. the holders are functional, if a little flimsy, and scanning at maximum resolution can take many minutes. nevertheless, the scanner picks up a lot of detail, so it's handy for enlargements.

Audio recorders

Tascam DR-40 - £189/$170

Essential camera accessories

Despite the high-quality video footage captured by the latest DSLRs, the depth and richness of audio is often lacking. Tascam's latest audio recorder, the DR-40, is a simple portable four-track recorder that captures crystal clear sound through its two-directional built-in mics. It also has two XLR ports, which can be connected to either high-quality external microphones or – via a VXLR adapter – a standard 3.5mm jack.

It's easy to use, well made and will make a huge difference to a movie's audio.