Samsung Galaxy S2 to relaunch in white

Get ready for your world to be rocked and your mind blown

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is set to get another flavour on the market - it's going to be available in white.

This frankly earth-shattering news comes via online retailer Clove, which has put up a placeholder describing the new device as the 'The popular Samsung Galaxy S2 in white'.

There are several key differences to between the white Galaxy S2 and the original black version - it's likely the front plate will be white, along with the home button as well. On top of this the rest of the chassis and feasibly the rear of the phone will also be in white too, although this is, as yet, unconfirmed.

It's white, OK? WHITE. Nothing else is different

The white Samsung Galaxy S2 will be available with the same 16GB storage option as before, and will cost a similar £492 according to Clove (or £410 if you can find a way around the pesky VAT).

We'll level with you - there's not a lot more that you can say about a phone that's exactly the same but a different colour... but hey, we managed it with the iPhone 4.

Speaking of which, Samsung surely deserves some sort of award for managing to launch a new phone and announcing a white variant in under 10 months - Apple should be ashamed of itself.


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