Nokia shaves prices of its smartphone range

Cheap as chips just got a little cheaper

Nokia has trimmed the price of its smartphone portfolio, bringing it head to head with some mid-range mobiles.

Sony Ericsson and Samsung have both traditionally focused on the high-end mid-range devices, which are usually unable to run apps and multiple programs but are a little cheaper.

Nokia's move means that some of its cheaper smartphone handsets might even dip below the £100 barrier in the UK, although we've yet to see any evidence of the price cut on these shores.

Mid-range massacre?

Nokia told Reuters that the price drop was standard practice for the company, but given the ever declining slide in the cost for smartphones, any cut now means they're becoming as affordable as a decent camera phone.

Sources have also indicated to Reuters that the price drop may be as much as 10 per cent, which should have a big impact on sales (especially with free Ovi Maps on board).

Via Reuters



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