Nokia offers free cabs across the UK

Trying to show off sat nav by taking you places

If you're out and about in the UK this bank holiday weekend then keep your eyes peeled for an Ovi-branded cab if you want free travel.

In a bid to promote its free Ovi Maps sat nav service, Nokia is laying on the fleet of taxis to ferry you from A to B.

So if you're carrying heavy bags around the likes of London, Birmingham, Manchester or Glasgow and spot one of these cabs, hail one down for a free jaunt.

Free sat nav

There's even a Nokia X6 in the back of taxi to try out the service and show how it can really be used as a sat nav replacement.

Sadly, you can't make it take you too far... so if you're in Glasgow and want to see your Mum in Portsmouth, the cabbie might not be too happy with you.

The cabs look like custard with Ovi branding all over it, and if you happen to take advantage, tweet and let us know on @techradar with pictures.

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