Nokia Eos could usurp Lumia 925 at May 14 event

Which flagship will we be treated to?

Nokia may be prepping the much-talked-about Eos for a grand unveiling at its London event on May 14.

Originally it was thought that we'd be treated to the Nokia Lumia 925 at the event next week, but fresh rumours out of fabulously hit and miss Chinese site


suggest the Nokia Eos may be on the billing instead.

DigiTimes pins the information on "market watchers" - whoever the hell they are - who claim Nokia will launch a smartphone with a 41MP PureView camera and running Windows Phone 8 at the show.

Who's watching you?

With the introduction of handsets such as the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One and Sony Xperia Z this year, and with increasing pressure from shareholders, Nokia needs to offer up a high-end handset capable of taking on the titans of the smartphone arena.

We're approaching this report with caution as DigiTimes sources in the past haven't been overly reliable, and this is the first we've heard that the Eos may be the device in the limelight next week.

Luckily there's not long to wait to see what Nokia does have up its sleeve and TechRadar will be in attendance to bring you all the latest.

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