Nokia doesn't rule out selling handset division

Where we're going, we don't need phones...

Nokia has said it needs to improve its mobile internet offering, and to that end may even consider selling its handset manufacture division.

The likes of Apple, RIM and especially Google have been working on utilising the mobile internet, and Nokia's Anssi Vankoji has told German publication Wirtschaftswoche that it would even consider selling its handset division.

But don't panic, Nokia fans - this doesn't mean that the N-Series is doomed (although the longer the N-Gage stays dead, the better) it just means the Finns would likely outsource production like most other firms.

Buttons + screen + microphone = profit

Nokia currently considers the ability to make its own handsets a 'competitive advantage' but as it looks to extend beyond the simple 'put numbers near a screen' to also focus on the likes of Comes With Music and Nokia Money.

Either way, we doubt it will happen, as Nokia loves being all vertically integrated - but when we all have mobile chips sewn into our livers and contact lenses with screens pushed into our eyeballs, what use will it be then?

Via Reuters


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