Nokia announces the X3 Touch and Type

Squishes a keyboard and touchscreen into a teeny phone

Nokia has announced a new variant on the tiny Nokia X3 handset - the Nokia X3 Touch and Type.

The new handset has both a touchscreen and a 12 button keypad, meaning users can swipe and type as they see fit.

The Nokia X3 Touch and Type's dimensions are: 9.6mm deep, 106mm tall, 48mm wide and weighing in at 78g.

Swiping fun

However, with only a 2.4-inch touchscreen crammed into the chassis, it will be interesting to see how effective the combination is.

On the plus side, the phone is much upgraded from the original X3, with a 5MP camera, 3G and Wi-Fi, and will be offered with Ovi Music Unlimited.

The new Nokia X3 Touch and Type will come for around £100 at some point in Q3 - which means there's not long left for this phone to make its debut.



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