Microsoft Surface Phone in testing?

But still no guarantees

Word that Microsoft is working on an own-brand Windows Phone handset keeps resurfacing, with the latest reports saying that it's currently in testing.

The Wall Street Journal says that Microsoft is testing the mysterious Microsoft smartphone with Asian suppliers, presumably with a view to working out manufacturing processes.

The same sources also told the paper that the Microsoft phone will come with a display somewhere between 4- and 5-inches.

Time will tell

However, they also added that Microsoft isn't yet sure if the handset will make it to mass production.

Be that as it may, last we heard the so-called Surface Phone was purely hypothetical, with Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop even openly welcoming the idea of one.

Will he be as enthusiastic about the in-house competition now that it seems a little more real? We suspect not.

From WSJ via The Verge



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