HTC One becomes the ultimate double-yolk-egg detective

Never has one blip over-egged the puns so much

Your HTC One can now detect double yolk eggs

Sometimes an idea is just so brilliant that it can only be described as Einsteinian. Take, for example, turning a HTC One into a tiny ultrasound scanner - if this isn't the third pillar of modern physics, we don't know what is.

The creative bods over at Oliver's Island have combined a firmware hack with an app so that the phone emits ultrasound pulses from its BoomSound speakers. They then put it to the test to see if it can detect double-yolk eggs - and it can.

Annoyingly we can't verify if it's totally legit as you can't go out and buy it - the publishers say the ultrasound hack "is not something most people would be able to carry out safely."

Shame. We'd be willing to shell out quite a lot for this... *mic tap* WE SAID...

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