Google predicts an Android in every pocket by 2024

Moore's Law gone mad

Google chairman Eric Schmidt isn't shy about Google's mobile ambitions, telling MWC 2012 attendees that the company wants an Android device in every pocket in 12 years.

By then, he said, top-end phones that cost $400 (£250) now will be available for a fraction of the price:

"The smartphone revolution will be universal," he said.

"In 12 years, doing the math - Moore's Law - phones that cost $400 will cost $20, and if Google does it right there'll be an Android in every pocket."


Schmidt's keynote speech was the subject of some controversy, since Apple chose pretty much the moment he strolled on stage in Barcelona as the moment to announce its 7 March iPad 3 event.

Still, we can't imagine Apple ever selling a phone or a tablet for $20, so maybe there's something in Schmidt's vision after all.



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