Microsoft delivers a host of updates

Surprise, surprise, most of them are for Windows Vista

Microsoft s Mammoth Patch Tuesday

Microsoft offered users a whole host of updates and patches last night, in which security analysts are calling 'Mammoth Patch Tuesday'.

Microsoft released 11 security bulletins that cover a total of 26 vulnerabilities, the most patches ever released by the company on a single day for at least two years.

Speaking about the barrage of patches, Greg Day, a security analyst at McAfee, said "This is a mammoth Patch Tuesday, and we have not seen anything of this scale in a long time."

Security issues

The updates include: general security patches for Vista, Internet Explorer 7 and Microsoft Office 2007. Two of the patches cover vulnerabilities that are actively being used in cyberattacks.

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"Many of the vulnerabilities addressed by the fixes could be exploited if a Windows user simply views a malformed image or visits a malicious Web site, a favourite attack method among cybercriminals," Day said.

If you have not automatically received the updates, you can do so by logging on to Microsoft's Vista site.