Nokia N96 debuts for £400

Worldwide launch but UK will be among the first

Nokia's flagship handset, the N96, will debut for the princely sum of €550 or £400.

The UK is expected to be one of the first to get its hands on the device, which will go on sale from the 1 October.

Obviously £400 is the unsubsidised price, so most carriers will offer it for a smaller fee with a long term contract, though if you want it SIM free be prepared to cough up!

Free soon?

And given the usual mobile sale trends, it will probably be free on some decent price plans within six months of launch.

With 16GB of storage (expandable to 24GB with microSD), aGPS, FM radio, wide 2.8inch clear screen and two way slide, this is the device that does everything the N95 did, but better and in a nicer package.

You're probably already bored of hearing about the new handset, but at least you can rest easy in your beds knowing that it's finally on its way.



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