Is a price drop the Surface RT's last hope?

Can a reduced price make all the difference?

Surface RT

Who doesn't love a sale? Well, when it involves products running Windows RT, the enthusiasm over savings may be bit more staid.

Following our original report last week and an international tour de discount, Microsoft has officially dropped prices for the

The reductions amount to $150 per product, with the 32GB tablet-only costing $349 (formerly $499), 64GB tablet-only $449 (from $599), 32GB with black Touch Cover hitting the same price and the 64GB with black Touch Cover now at $549 (down from $699).

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We'll wait for word on whether the drops do anything to help sales. While we don't have firm numbers, they can't be very good for the exact reason Microsoft has stayed mum on figure front. Perhaps this is the RT's last stand, though Microsoft does seem set to offer a refresh at some point.

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