Inside the Loewe TV dream factory

Exclusive access into the premium TV maker's home

TechRadar was recently invited to see the Loewe setup for ourselves and walking through the white corridors of the company's white buildings there's a sense you've stepped into one of Loewe's advertising campaigns - or one of their galleries - you can almost hear the mantra 'minimalism, individuality, innovation' echo throughout the place.

Loewe gallery

WHITE NOISE: Loewe's all-white Gallery concept stems from its headquarters

The Loewe of today is a brand that many in the UK won't have heard of. Pitching premium products to those who can afford them, high-street retailers are unlikely to stock anything the company produces – with Loewe favouring its own Loewe Galleries.

You can currently find these Galleries in the likes of Selfridges and Harrods in London, and there's been expansion in further reaches of the UK, with six new outlets in locations across the country opening up including Chichester, the Lake District, Manchester and Sheffield. With a total of 250 galleries across the world the Loewe name is spreading and fast.

Those with an eye on the AV history books will have noticed that Loewe crops up a number of times due to the innovations the company has brought to the TV world.


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