Sony, Samsung et al join forces for Blu-ray site

Could this be the start of something beautiful in HD?

The British Video Association has announced the launch of a new website designed to promote Blu-ray and all its HD abilities:

Designed to be the 'online Blu-ray authority', the site is a collaborative effort between Samsung, Sony, LG and Sharp, as well as all the other supporters of the Blu-ray format including studios and hardware manufacturers.

On the site will be news about Blu-ray, info on the latest releases, videos that showcase the latest Blu-ray titles and new player launches.

What if I add HD-DVD?

Oh, and there's also a simple equation to follow: HD-TV plus Blu-ray = well, something about HD being really good. It's almost like the UK's consumers don't fully understand how to get Blu-ray and HD or something...

Anyway, there will also be retail links so consumers can pick up all the new Blu-rays they want, as well as information on the hardware components needed to actually play Blu-ray discs (sample question: "What is high definition?").

If you want to satisfy your Blu-ray lust (as well as look at a site that uses more blue than most other websites put together) then head on over to Blu-ray Revolution for your fix.


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