Download of the day: AutoHDR

High dynamic range from a single photo


AutoHDR is a completely free tool that simulates the effect of high dynamic range (HDR) photography using a single picture.

AutoHDR uses tone-mapping to enhance detail in the lightest and darkest parts of your photo, creating a more realistic representation of the detail visible to the human eye.

Just load your photo and AutoHDR will quickly process it and present you with an adjustable preview. There are various sliders for adjusting detail, contrast and noise, and balancing shadows and highlights.

Once you're happy, you can export your photo in JPG, GIF, TIFF or PNG format.

Why you need it

Unlike some methods for simulating HDR, AutoHDR doesn't involve any complicated masking and editing of levels; your photos are transformed with just a couple of clicks.

AutoHDR can't create detail that wasn't present in the original photo – so areas that are completely black or white will remain so – but it does an impressive job of drawing out additional detail otherwise.

It's very impressive for a free program, and the download is extremely small. Give it a try!

Download here: AutoHDR