The 3D future of porn unveiled in Vegas

CES 2009: 3D teledildonic pornography

T3 gets up close and personal with new 3D adult entertainment centre

3D pornography is soon set to be gracing a television near you, if the claims of an entertainment company at CES 2009 are to be believed.

"The buzz about 3D TV [is] taken to the next level as the adult entertainment industry once again pushes the boundaries with new tech," enthuses this week.

"If your regular adult entertainment just isn't doing it for you any more, and even Hi-Def smut isn't enough, then technology's got the answer. What you want is this new media centre PC that will convert any porn DVD into 3D... porn," adds T3's Joe Svetlik.

Tip of the IceBerg

T3 is referring to the Glacier IceBerg 3D entertainment system, which, in Glacier's own blurb, "offers the avid entertainment lover and 3D gamer a component styled case and plenty of storage to satisfy all your gaming and digital content needs".

The IceBerg is compatible with 3D ready TVs and comes packed with "software to turn your existing movie collection into a 3D movie experience".

The IceBerg makes use of Nvidia graphics, RealTek High Definition sound and quad core processing, and can store up to 1,296,000 digital photos, 217,000 songs (lossless), 506 hours of DVD Quality Movies, 217 hours of HDTV and – most importantly - features VideoSupport for 1080p 3D video.

Just "slip on the 3D glasses, and enjoy," says, adding that "the porn industry is going nuts for it right now... that's traditionally where all the innovation is - multi-angle DVDs came about due to porn, after all."

3D teledildonic future

"Once film makers get the hang of it, feet will be hanging out of the screen and you'll be dodging the moneyshot," says Tony Ross, President of

Nice! Perhaps the future of cybersex is full three-dimensional pornography combined with the latest teledildonic wearable tech? The mind actually boggles...

Still, it's going to cost you to get your rocks off in three dimensions. The top of the range Iceberg model will set you back $1,899. For more check out Glacier Media Systems.

From CES 2009

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