Qualcomm S4 processors to support Windows 8

2.5GHz chips out in 2012

Qualcomm has announced that its latest S4 chipset will support Windows 8 and that we should see devices with the processor built in by the middle of 2012.

This is according to Pocket-lint, which reported from the Innovation Qualcomm event in Istanbul that the next Snapdragon processor will be a powerful chip, sporting Adreno Graphics, 3D, 1080p HD and 3G connectivity.

The S4 is part of the next-generation processors from Qualcomm, which have been given a new and easier to understand naming strategy.

The chips range from S1 to S4, with the S4 variation being the more powerful quad-core variety.

Core values

Qualcomm also revealed that the chip can be optimised for particular devices so we will see the Dual-Core MSM8960 and Quad-Core APQ8064 varieties of the processor appearing in Windows 8 computers come 2012 – interestingly there's no word on if they will be appearing in tablets.

As for mobile phones, the processors will be shipped to manufacturers by the end of 2011, so expect 2.5GHz phones soon after.

Back in August, Qualcomm boasted that its latest chipset will make phones more powerful than PS3s so it will be interesting to see just how good the phones are when released.

Via Pocket-Lint


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