Gorillaz new album recorded on an iPad

Another round of monkey business

Damon Albarn, front man of Gorillaz, has announced that the band's latest album will be out before Christmas and has been recorded on an Apple iPad.

Gorillaz currently front the advertising for the Times website where they extol the virtues of technology – which is interesting as Albarn is a self-confessed Luddite.

But it seems that the Blur man is starting to get to grips with new technology by using the Apple iPad to record music.

Speaking to NME, Albarn said about the album: "I've made it on an ipad – I hope I'll be making the first record on an iPad.

"I fell in love with my iPad as soon as I got it, so I've made a completely different kind of record.

"It's ironic, being the sort of technophobe and Luddite that I am."

The vocoder of America

As for what the album will sound like, Albarn notes: "It sounds like an English voice that has been put through the vocoder of America.

"More American-sounding than Blur... I'm going to try and put it out before Christmas."

According to Mobile Ent, the Gorillaz are also embracing augmented reality for their upcoming gigs at the O2 in London.

Their iPhone app is being updated so that fans can point their phones at certain parts of the stage and see life-size 3D models of the Gorillaz characters through their phone.

Via Guardian Music


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