6 of the best budget monitors for your Mac

Your Mac Pro or Mac mini needs a screen, but which one?

The displays are evenly matched, but Samsung's SyncMaster 2233SW wins by a narrow margin.

Although it scores highest or joint-highest in four out of our six tests, its victory isn't as convincing as one might imagine, with its supremacy hotly contested in every category.

The SyncMaster 2233SW offers true HD resolution. Unlike the other two HD monitors, the Asus and the BenQ, it doesn't have a HDMI input, but as no Mac uses HDMI anyway, that's not really relevant here.

It's the second-lightest monitor on test, and also the second cheapest (according to an average based on Froogle prices).

SAMSUNG syncmaster 2233sw


The Samsung SyncMaster 2233SW scores zero in the sound test as it doesn't offer built-in speakers, but standards were dire across the board.

If you're buying a budget monitor and intend to use Front Row or iTunes, you'll be wise to invest in an external speaker system.

Runner-up is the Hanns G. Its resolution might not be as high as some of the others, but it boasts one of the better screens.


First published in MacFormat Issue 213

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