France wants to cut off illegal downloaders

'Three strikes and out' rule on the cards

France wants to ban all those naughty downloaders of illegal material by cutting off persistent offenders.

The controversial new French law, which involves a cross-industry agreement from internet service providers, would cut off users for around a year if they persistently offend.

The scheme will hit next January, and will be enforced by a new £15 million state agency, so it's clear the country wants to crack down on this problem.

Curing download fever

Virgin and BPI recently announced a scheme in Britain where those believed to be downloading illegally would be sent an informative letter from both companies.

However France has gone one step further and laid out clear plans to force the downloaders to give up the illegal practice by cutting their connection.

There has been negative reaction to the motion, with civil liberty parties, the European Parliament and the state data protection agency all opposed to the notion.

Other web firms, like Google and video sharing site Dailymotion, also have refused to sign up the agreement.


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