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Sigil is an eBook editor that is designed to edit books in the ePub format.

Its WYSIWYG layout makes editing ebooks a breeze.

The popularity of ebook readers like the Kindle and Kobo, combined with the possibilities opened up by the internet, mean that every man and his dog can now publish their own ebook. If you're looking to follow this path and self-publish your own work, you'll need a program like Sigil to get you started.

Sigil is a free, open source application for making ebooks, and it lets you do it in the simplest way possible. You see, Sigil is a WYSIWYG editor – that is, 'what you see is what you get'. It means that you don't need to worry about editing code or dabbling in anything complicated, you can create your ebook pretty much exactly as it will look in the final version. That keeps things simple and makes it a breeze for novice users.

Should you wish to get under the hood and work with code, Sigil let's you do that too. If you want to import some HTML code, Sigil will automatically tidy it up and make sure there are no major errors. You can apply the same tidying utility to any HTML you have manually entered as well.

The layout is clean and intuitive, with a Book Browser panel located on the left, a document viewer in the middle and a Table of Contents screen on the right. This lets you concentrate on writing and editing whilst still having easy access to the most common features that you're likely to use.

Icons are bright and easy to understand, helping you get more done and spend less time trying to work out what each one means. Handy functions for chapter breaks, spell checking and inserting images also help you along the way.

Verdict: Get your work self-published with the help of Sigil, an easy-to-use ebook publisher that suits novices and experts alike.

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