iOS 5.1 update brings '4G' to iPhone 4S on AT&T

LTE is on, but nobody's home

iOS 5 1 update brings 4G to iPhone 4S on AT T

The Apple iPhone 4S on AT&T is now magically a '4G' device thanks to the iOS 5.1 update issued on Wednesday.

However, the upgrade can simply be attributed to the carrier's assertion that its HPSA+ internet speeds of up to 14.1Mbps still count as 4G mobile internet.

Now, whenever iPhone 4S

Fool me once, shame on you...

Some blissfully unaware iPhone 4S owners have been taking to Twitter to proclaim joy that their beloved smartphone is now a fully functioning 4G device.

Upon the launch of the device, Apple's marketing chief Phil Schiller said it wasn't up to the company to decide what was 3G or 4G.

He said: "This [HPSA+] is what the majority of our competitors claim when they talk about 4G performance.

"We're not going to get into a debate in the industry about what's 4G and what isn't - we'll leave that for others to talk about."

newly-announced new iPad will be available on that network on March 16th.

Via: The Verge