Logitech v550 Nano

A superb wireless mouse, but is it for your Mac?

The v550 Nano has two buttons, a scroll wheel and a scroll-wheel click

Our Verdict

Handles extremely well and sports one of the smallest USB receivers we've seen


  • Handles well
  • Comfortable to use
  • Compact


  • Need to download drivers for some functions

Logitech has dozens of different mice on the shelves at any one time, though not all are Mac-compatible like this one.

The v550 comes with a small plastic peg that sticks to your laptop lid and clips into a shoe on the base of the mouse. You then hang the mouse from the peg when you carry the laptop around.

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Compact and comfortable

When clipped to the peg, the mouse powers down. It powers up automatically when you slide it out from the grip, plus there's a separate manual on/off button. The tiny USB receiver tucks away into the mouse when not in use. The two supplied AA batteries are good for 18 months' use.

You get two buttons, a scroll wheel and a scroll-wheel click. (You need to download a free software driver from Logitech to enable sideways scroll and the application switch button.)

Overall, the mouse is comfortable to use and tracked well on all of our test surfaces.