Belkin Powerline AV Starter Kit

Speedy and powerful networking for beginners

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Our Verdict

You pay a slight premium, but this is a great package for beginners


  • Impressive range
  • No latency lag
  • Easy to install


  • One of the more pricey powerline kits out there

If Wi-Fi doesn't reach parts of your home, you can extend your broadband connection using the mains power lines.

Consisting of two terminals that offer a speed of up to 200Mbps over a maximum distance of 300 metres, the Belkin Powerline AV Starter Kit is more than enough for most homes.

Data encryption

It's ideal as a connection for streaming video and even playing games with no latency lag, something you won't always find with a wireless connection. Wired connections are less easy to hack than a wireless one.

You'll find 128-bit data encryption is provided, should you need it, but this will slow data transfers down.

This is a great way to get a broadband connection into those tricky parts of your home. It's not the most cost-effective solution, but it's simple to set up and run.