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MoGo Mouse review

An alternative to the trackpad

Our Verdict

A great alternative if you dislike trackpads


  • Stylish

    Well designed


  • Long term use is uncomfortable


If you're one of the many laptop users that finds touchpads and pointing sticks frustrating to use, but don't have the space to carry an external mouse, then the MoGo Mouse (£50 inc. VAT) may answer your prayers.

Slipping into your laptop's PC Card slot for recharging as well as storage, this pocket-sized mouse carries the dimensions of a data card with the functionality of a full-size mouse.

Synchronised to your laptop in just a few seconds using Bluetooth, a flip- down kickstand raises the mouse into your palm for a firm grip, reducing the risk of RSI.

Responsive and comfortable to use, this is a great option for travellers with a need for control. Long-term use can become uncomfortable, but certainly less so than using a touchpad. The price may be steep, but it's a novel concept that has been executed with plenty of style and design forethought. What Laptop Staff