TechRadar launches in Australia

TechRadar Australia launch
TechRadar Australia has landed

Today, we're delighted to announce that TechRadar has launched a local version of the site for Australian users.

Our commitment to fast, accurate reporting and in-depth product reviews written by our team of experts has already made TechRadar the UK's number one consumer technology website, and since launching in the US in April, we're growing fast Stateside, too.

"Today, we're bringing this same expertise to the local market by launching the Australian arm of TechRadar," says TechRadar Australia's editor-in-chief Nick Broughall.

All together now

"Working hand in hand with both the UK and US teams, the Australian site will add a local voice to the site's collection of detailed, thorough reviews, breaking news stories, useful buying guides and passionate opinion pieces," he continues.

"With content updates 24 hours a day from around the globe, TechRadar is your destination of choice for all your technology information on the web."

If you're in Australia, you'll be automatically directed to the TechRadar Australia home page when you visit TechRadar. To switch between the UK, US and Australian sites, you can click the flags in the 'select region' bar at the bottom of every page.

Global Editor-in-Chief

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