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Vote Manic Miner, ban Blackberry: Ed Miliband shows his geek side

Manic Miner meets Miliband - and BlackBerry
Manic Miner meets Miliband - and BlackBerry

It might not be quite enough to force him into 10 Downing Street on its own, but Labour leader Ed Miliband might just have picked up a few extra geek votes after professing his love for Manic Miner and sticking the boot into poor ol' BlackBerry.

With David Cameron campaigning on a platform of 'please don't vote for UKIP, Middle England', Miliband's own personal battle to be acknowledged as a fully functioning human being is gathering pace.

And that was certainly helped in an interview with Absolute Radio in which he pushed his geek credentials with a discussion about classic 80s computer game Manic Miner and explained why he moved from being an obsessive iPhone checker to BlackBerry.

"The good thing about Blackberry... is the more limited functionality" said Miliband, showing all of the dog eat dog qualities that he used when his giant foot came down from above and crushed his brother's political aspirations.

You can watch the whole thing below:

Via New Statesman