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A PS4 for £319? Believe it and get one now

No April fool: you can really buy a PS4 for £319

A PS4 for £319? You'd better believe your eyes as that's exactly how much you can get one for at Tesco right now.

We don't know how long this will be around for but with a little voucher code jiggery pokery you can bring the total price of a brand new PS4 down to £319.

Just add the PS4 to your basket as usual and enter voucher code one - TD-FG6N - to get £20 off. Then enter voucher code two - TD-YWP4 - to get a further £10 off. Combined, this takes the price from £349 down to £319.

Delivery is free to your local Tesco for pick-up, or pay an extra £2 for delivery to your door.

That's a truly great price. Get yours while you can.