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Google offers £2m for UK charities with big tech ideas

Google offering up £2m for UK charities that can solve problems with tech
Google - giving a little back

Google has roped in some big names judges to help it award £2 million in awards for non-profit organisations in Britain who come up with the best ideas of how tech can transform lives.

Four prizes of £500,000 each will be awarded for those non-profits who are chosen in the Global Impact Challenge at, with a judging panel of Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Sir Richard Branson, Jilly Forster, Matt Brittin and Jacquelline Fuller picking out three of the winners from a shortlist of ten.

The fourth will be picked out by a public vote - also from the shortlist (which will be selected by a team of Googlers).

Scratching the surface

"The Web's contribution to economic progress has been much celebrated, but I believe that we are only scratching the surface of its potential to solve social and political problems," said world wide web creator and judge Berners-Lee

It's certainly a laudable idea from Google - and one that will garner some high profile and exciting entries, but a lot of the smaller charities may well not have the time to resource to compete.

So, if you have an amazing idea and/or 'mad tech skills' then we reckon there will be queue of worthy causes that would love to hear from you. Because a cool half mil can certainly make the world a better place.