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VLC Media Player gets a major facelift and new features with latest update

(Image credit: Shutterstock)

The team behind VLC Media Player have been hard at work lately, and VLC 3.2 is now available to download free.

VLC is one of the finest and most flexible media players out there, loved by millions not only because it's cross-platform, but also because it's open source, endlessly expandable and undergoing constant development.

With this release, there are notable changes for tablet and phone users, as well and in Android TV and Chromebook versions of VLC. Audio and video playback control have been given a modern makeover – things just look that bit sleeker – and media browsing has been improved, as has the equalizer.

Smarter and easier to use

On Android TV, voice searching is now available from the launcher, video titles have been tidied up for easier reading, and there is better SMBv2/3 support. Fun fact for programming trainspotters: the Android app is now written entirely in kotlin.

For Chomebook users, it's now possible to select multiple items using the Ctrl or Shift keys, and there have been various fixes, security patches and performance enhancements across VLC.

VideoLAN, the company behind VLC, shares the following changelog:

  • UI redesign, including player and TV browsers
  • Add Group videos by name feature
  • Subtitles are now saved in the media folder when possible
  • Video player controls reorganization
  • Improve SMBv2 support
  • Improve media titles

Check for updates in the app right now to make sure you have the latest version.