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Massive UK DVD piracy network exposed

Picture of a warehouse where the DVDs were stashed
Picture of a warehouse where the DVDs were stashed

A multi-million pound DVD counterfeiting operation in London has been shut down by police, with 10 people arrested awaiting trial.

The bust happened in June but the Met police have only just made details of the operation public.

According to a statement, released by the Met police, residential and business premises in North Chingford, Harlow and Walthamstow were raided, using intelligence garnered from a number of sources, including FACT (Federation Against Copyright Theft).

The gang's copying capers were so big that the police are treating the case as 'international'.

Major impact

While the arrests happened in June, the operation stemmed from an investigation that started back in 2006, when a parcel containing pre-master discs were intercepted.

"Today's verdict is the result of three years' hard work and investigation into the activity of an extensive criminal network," said Detective Superintendent Russell Day, Film Piracy Unit, Met Police.

"Their crimes not only had an impact on the major motion picture houses but also the consumers and in particular the vulnerable Chinese people who became victims of the 'slave labourforce'."