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Google looks to ditch Motorola's STB arm

Google looks to ditch Motorola's STB arm
Google TV - not set for a Moto rebrand

Here's an interesting tech U-turn: Google is apparently trying to sell off Motorola's set top box making arm before the two companies become one later this year.

After you get over the revelation that Motorola makes set top boxes as well as rubbish-looking phones, we have no doubt you'll be all, "What the what? Doesn't Google want to make its own Google TV boxes?"

Apparently not, which is less surprising when you consider the search giant's move to embed the Google TV OS right into Google TV sets.

Bonus patent news

It seems as though the set top box could be going the way of the dodo as more and more TVs come with built-in web connectivity and apps; sure, Sky and Virgin Media are still boxing clever, but if you had the choice between buying a new TV and a web-connected STB or a new web-connected TV, which would you choose?

The news of the STB sell-off comes as Motorola is ordered to hand over details of the Google acquisition to Apple.

The judge presiding over the Apple v Motorola patent spat in the US passed the order after Apple requested the information because "the Android/Motorola acquisition discovery is highly relevant to Apple's claims and defenses".

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