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Windows Vista sells 60 million copies

After selling 20 million copies in its first month on sale, Windows Vista sales are slowing down, having reached 60 million in total

Microsoft has now sold some 60 million copies of its latest operating system, Windows Vista . But the first service pack update for Windows Vista seems to be delayed further.

The latest milestone figure was announced at Microsoft's annual meeting with financial analysts. It's the most recent data available from the company since Vista hit the 40 million mark in May.

The first service pack for Windows Vista is rumoured to be delayed until 2009, despite Microsoft's previous claims that it won't be a massive, feature-laden release. The Windows Vista SP1 was previously expected in 2008.

In its first month on sale after its launch on 30 January, 20 million copies of Windows Vista were sold, but since then sales have slowed down.

During the analysts' meeting, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer indicated that a number of major organisations had renewed multi-year contracts with the company. Ballmer added that he believed growth must come not only from expanding Microsoft's core software business, but by succeeding in newer ventures such as online services and audio hardware.