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Windows 7 public trial deadline extended

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Windows lovers can get their fix of the beta right into next month

If you've heard all about the beta version of Windows 7, but you've yet to get your hands on it, then Microsoft's deadline extension means there's still time to download your copy.

The company said it was scrapping the 24 January deadline and keeping the Windows 7 download servers running until 10 February – just over two weeks longer than originally planned.

Demand easing?

While the Redmond firm says the extension is due to unprecedented enthusiasm, some are wondering if it really means demand for the next version of Windows hasn't been as great as expected.

At the 10 January beta launch, Microsoft said it would offer 2.5 million copies to download - a target that, presumably, hasn't been hit yet.

Enthusiasm abounds

Nevertheless, a company spokesman put a positive spin on the new deadline, saying: "Because enthusiasm continues to be so high for the Windows 7 Beta and we don't want anyone to miss out, we will keep the beta downloads open."

Anyone starting a download by the 10 February cut-off will have until 12 February to finish it, while MSDN professionals and TechNet subscribers won't be affected at all.