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Windows 7 brings boost for Tablet PCs too

Tablet computing
Pen-based computing is about to get a whole lot easier

We've heard plenty about Windows 7 and its imminent arrival to save the day for Microsoft, but little about the new features it's likely to bring to the Tablet PC version.

Ahead of a probable July launch, it appears that Windows 7 will include something of a rethink for the Tablet PC interface that might breathe new life into the platform.

Soft keyboard

The changes will include a simple way to handwrite mathematical formulae and Asian languages like Japanese and Chinese. There will also be the option to display a keyboard across the bottom of the screen for times when typing is preferred to writing.

Throw in a host of simple changes like predictive text and smart corrections that try to work out what you're writing during editing of a word and it looks like Windows 7 could give a boost to both Redmond and Tablet PCs in general.