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What do you need to run Windows Vista?

Can your PC get on board the Windows Vista bus?

The second day of our Windows Vista countdown is all about finding out whether your PC is up to the job of running the new system.

A lot has been made of the strenuous system requirements of Vista. However, this is generally only a problem if you want to play some of the latest games, or if you want to run the new Aero glass interface. Simply running the basic operating sytstem - without all the bells and whistles - actually isn't that taxing.

Microsoft has released a system scanner, called the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor , to determine whether your PC is up to the job.

This tool scans your computer and reports any known system, device or program compatibility issues with Windows Vista. It will also help you choose the edition of Windows Vista that best suits your PC.

It's not all about Microsoft though - Crucial Technology has released an online system scanner tool to determine whether your PC has enough memory to run Windows Vista. Naturally, it also gives you the opportunity to purchase more if you need it.