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Call me 'Windows Store apps'

Windows 8
What's in a name?

Leave it to Microsoft to create some (more) confusion around what it plans to call its new Windows 8 design language.

As of Wednesday morning, the working title for applications built for the OS' was "Windows Store apps." It appears this name is here to say, as Microsoft put the kibosh on another moniker that surfaced Tuesday.

According to an Engadget report, during Microsoft's Build 2012 conference Tuesday, Will Tschumy, principal user experience adviser at the company, spoke four words no one outside Microsoft had heard yet: Windows 8 Store Applications.

Microsoft later issued a redaction: Tschumy misspoke, and the name W8 apps will henceforth go by is Windows Store apps.

Faint memories

Those who've paid attention might remember "Metro" as the de facto term used to describe Windows 8's UI.

It turned out that word was only a codename used by Microsoft within company confines and was never intended to be the official calling card of the new set of applications.

Unfortunately, developers, consumers and the tech community got used to Metro and were subsequently confused as the Softies switched to other aliases.

Among those were "Windows 8-style UI," "New User Interface," "Windows 8 design," "Windows 8 application" and, simply, "Windows 8."

We'll see if Redmond sticks with Windows Store apps moving forward.

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