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Samsung sneaks out i8520 Halo projector phone

The Samsung i8520 Halo Projector phone
The Samsung i8520 Halo Projector phone

Samsung has quietly announced a new projector phone based on the Android OS at Mobile World Congress.

The i8520 Halo phone is packing some tip-top technology that Samsung is promising to show off at the mobile phone event this week.

The Halo has a huge 3.7-inch OLED screen, with a special overlay to make it look like one if its Bada range - we're still waiting to make sure it is running Android, although several top level execs have told Engadget this is the case.

Camera, video... projector?

The i8520 also has an 8MP camera with flash, can record 720p HD video and play back all manner of video codecs - oh, and it's got a projector on the back too.

That's right, this baby can play video on any surface with its DLP onboard chip and a special UI for when it's running as a projector - what this might be, we can only guess/dream.

If you can't be bothered to lump a separate video machine around with you, then never fear - the Halo has 16GB on board storage AND microSD expansion.

Perhaps the Koreans just forgot to announce it - how embarrassing would that be? Anyway, it's pegged for a Q3 UK release date, so we've got plenty of time to paint all our walls white and convince our friends to only wear plain t-shirts.

Via Engadget