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RIM launches new BlackBerry 8800

RIM has put its fight with Samsung behind it after launching the new BlackBerry device

Fresh out of its legal battle with Samsung, Research In Motion (RIM) has sets its focus on the launch of its new Blackberry 8800 GPS-enabled smartphone. It's based on the trackball design of the Blackberry Pearl but, to the relief of some, it features a full Qwerty keyboard.

As you might expect, the 8800 features GSM/EDGE/GPRS quad-band, as well as the new Bluetooth 2.0 standard and a much improved 'vibrant colour' screen.

And that's not all that's smart about this phone. It uses noise-cancelling to improve the clarity of telephone calls - something that will please many business users.

There are some cool features on display here, but nothing really to get excited about. It's just another small step up from Blackberry, without pushing any barriers. It continues the frustrating trend of not including a camera, and the minor improvements are only likely to impress Blackberry fans looking to upgrade from their old handsets.