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Jobs on iPhone 4: 'Calm down, it's just a phone'

The iPhone and hands - not friends
The iPhone and hands - not friends

Steve Jobs has engaged in an amazingly candid conversation (well, for him) with an iPhone 4 user over the reception problems plaguing the launch.

iPhone 4 owner Tom had previously put up a video detailing the problems with reception (much like we did here at TechRadar) but Apple contacted him directly and asked him to remove the offending movie.

Boy Genius Report has nabbed a transcript of the conversation that followed, where Tom was so fed up with Apple's stance over the issue that he decided to email an Apple engineer and Steve Jobs.

It's just a phone

After outlining his feelings, where he was angry about the lack of fix for the issue, Steve Jobs came back in Michael Winner-esque response:

"No, you are getting all worked up over a few days of rumors. Calm down."

Obviously perturbed, Tom persisted he again outlined his experiences, eliciting a back and forth from Jobs which concluded with the following two messages:

"You may be working from bad data. Not your fault. Stay tuned. We are working on it."

"Retire, relax, enjoy your family. It is just a phone. Not worth it."

Of course, this could all be false - BGR has claimed that the email headers in the conversation have been verified, so we're hoping it's not a hoax.

If this is just a phone, then we'd love to see what Apple like to think is REALLY game changing then...


Apple has responded to BGR's original story about Jobs' email and has "emphatically denied" that it was sent by the big man himself.

This is the first time Apple has responded to stories regarding Jobs' emails - which seem to becoming more and more frequent.