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HTC to unleash cut-price Android phone?

The HTC Click - and a pen
The HTC Click - and a pen

Updated: Another (more artistic) picture of the HTC Click has surfaced on Vietnamese site TinhTe's forum, which means it's getting more and more likely the phone will be hitting the shops in the near future.

Check out the new picture below, which shows the new phone really is dinky and has all the normal Android buttons we've come to expect.

Sadly, there's no lit screen to see how it will look, or any more clue how that massive button will work. Still, at least HTC isn't laurel resting.

HTC click

The new handset, which bears a striking similarity to some of HTC's WinMo devices, is a low to mid-range handset, which could mark the onslaught of cheaper 'droid phones.

The pics uncovered sadly don't give any specs (except it has a camera and 3.5mm headphone port), save for a click / navi-wheel and the usual collection of Android buttons we've come to expect from HTC, such as on the recent Hero.

Smaller than a Bic

However, we can confirm it's smaller than a ballpoint pen, something the leaker helpfully showed off, perhaps cocking a snook at the phone's business capabilities?

It seems the only clue this is a Google-based phone is the fact it has the button set - in all honesty it could just be another budget phone from the kings of Windows Mobile.

We're awaiting more word on the HTC Click if (and very much if) and when we get it.

Via PointGphone (translated)

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